Risk Disclosure Statements

As is with every objective you may pursue in life, there are always risks associated with the endeavours you are about to take through our Services. Whilst we have taken and will take every practical control to minimize such risks taking place, we wish to highlight some scenarios of higher likelihood, which you must be aware of and undertake to risk the same.


Qpid Network Sites are here to provide platforms for the exchange of Information and Correspondences between members.

That being the case, Qpid Network, its operating companies, directors, executives and staff cannot be held liable for loss / damages (if any) arising from disputes or instances of miscommunications between members.

Particular Scenarios

In engaging our Qpid Network Services, you are deemed to have understood, agreed to the below scenarios (which are not meant to be exhaustive) and submit to the associated risks:

  • Information Exchanged During Communications

    Qpid Network provides the opportunity for members to communicate and foster social relationship with each other via communication channels, such as Admirer Mails, EMF mail correspondence, Call services, Chat, etc. All correspondences exchanged during communication will be delivered on "as-is" basis based on the personal wish of members.

    Members are suggested to provide honest, true and valid information during communication. However, in reality, we cannot verify whether the information provided is absolutely accurate and true. Therefore we suggest that members should evaluate the risks and apply common sense when using these services.

  • Gift Delivery

    Changes in price
    The price shown below the image of each gift item is inclusive of delivery fee; whereas an additional delivery fee (as prescribed on the Sites) will be charged for delivery of other gifts to be delivered in one lot. Also, there may be a change in price if you choose a delivery date close to a major festive holiday.
    - Delivery date
    In occasional cases, the recipient member may be out of contact when the gift(s) is being delivered. A late delivery may occur in such case until the member can be contacted. We cannot guarantee the delivery of gift(s) by or on a specific day. Members are suggested to be aware of this and place order at least 3 days in advance.
    - Substituted items
    The gift items listed on our Sites are intended to show the types of gifts we offer. Owing to stock availability and change in market preference, some of those items may be substituted by others of similar design, value and size. This is to enable a timely delivery of your order.

  • Disclosure of Your Personal Information

    Under no circumstance will Qpid Network sell or transfer for monetary gains your information to any unrelated third party without your permission, but we may disclose your information to affiliates or unaffiliated third parties if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary:

    (a) to comply with the law or in response to a subpoena, court order, government administrative measure or other due process;
    (b) to protect the interests, rights, safety, or property of Qpid Network or others;
    (c) to enforce any terms of service of Qpid Network Sites;
    (d) to provide you with the services or products requested by you, and to perform other activities related to such services and products, including billing and collection;
    (e) to provide you with information, special offers, or promotions from Qpid Network to which you consented. Qpid Network makes reasonable efforts to limit its designated service providers' disclosure of your information in the same manner as set forth in this paragraph.

    As Qpid Network Account is inter-linked with all our member sites (which means you can activate multiple memberships on those Sites when you successfully obtain an Account), we may also share your information with those Sites when they are interested in serving you. You may notify us of your membership preferences any time in our member account settings area. Unless and until you choose to opt-out your membership from a certain member site, your information may be used by Qpid Network for providing goods and services to you.

  • Validity Period of Qpid Credit – Refund Policy

    Subject to our Refund Policy, Qpid Credit is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase. Credit older than 180 days in the Account will expire, carries no value and not capable of being reinstated. Payment for Credit purchase is non-refundable. Similarly fees charged for one Service may not be credited towards other services

  • Technical and/or Operational Security Breach

    No different from other organizations worldwide engaging computer support, we recognize that your personal data stored in our system are vulnerable to security breach which, if taken place, may cause annoyance or even damages to you (conversely, our business reputation), thus we take reasonably practical measures to protect your personal data. However, given the realistic limitations (e.g. cost / timely delivery of security measures) and rapid revolution of technology, there is always the risk of such breach in which event we cannot be held liable.

    Qpid Network has security measures in place to protect and prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. We use industry standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identity information such as encryption tools, secure server and firewall. While "absolute fail-safe security" does not exist, our technical experts work hard to ensure your secure use of our services.


    The above situations and associated risks are NOT EXHAUSITVE. Whilst Qpid Network Sites endeavour to devote continuous improvement efforts and, within reason & our capability, takes precautionary measures to manage those risks to which members may be vulnerable, there are certainly situations falling beyond our control. We are on guard against these risks and look forward to members’ feedback in this aspect. At the same time, WE MUST THEREFORE HAVE MEMBERS’ AGREEMENT TO THE ABOVE AND ACCEPT THOSE RISKS IN ENGAGING OUR SERVICES.