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Frequently Asked Questions


1.1  About Qpid account and Qpid member center

Your Qpid Account is a shared account between member sites of Qpid Network – AsiaMe.com, Charmdate.com and Latamdate.com. The Qpid Member Center is where your Qpid Account is managed.

No matter through which site you sign in or register on, you can manage your login details and personal profile, upgrade your membership, buy credits, check your activity summary of each Qpid Network member site and switch between these sites via the Qpid Member Center.

1.2  What sites and services can I access via my Qpid Account?

You can use your Qpid account to access all of our member sites - currently AsiaMe.com, Charmdate.com and Latamdate.com - to contact members from Asia, Europe and Latin America. Our dating services include EMF mail, Live Chat, Call Service, Video Show, CamShare, and Gifts and Flowers.

1.3  What personal information is interlinked between Qpid sites and what is not?

Your login details, profile and photo, credits (managed via the Qpid Member Center)

Not interlinked:
Settings managed via separate sites e.g. match criteria, profile status, etc.

Login Info

2.1  How do I sign in to different Qpid sites?

When you register on one of Qpid Network's member sites, our system will generate a Qpid Network account for you, a common access account with a common ID - your Qpid ID - between all Qpid Network's member sites. You can sign in to all our sites using this same Qpid ID (or registration email) and password you created during registration.

2.2  How do I change my login details and what if I have forgotten them?

You can change your login email and password by clicking here, or by going to "My Qpid Account> Account Information". Changes will be applied to all sites. Please note that your Qpid ID cannot be changed.

If you cannot sign in, you may click on "Sign in help" on the sign in page of any Qpid Network member site for further assistance.

Profile & Photo

3.1  How do I edit my profile?

No matter with which site you register on, your profile and photo will be saved and maintained with Qpid Network. Qpid Network only maintains ONE profile and your personal information is used interchangeably between all member sites.

If you wish to edit your profile, you must do so via the Qpid Member Center. Changes will be applied to all sites. However, you can change the display status of your profile and photo of each site separately by changing the settings on the each site. This allows you to have different profile statuses i.e. to be able to show your profile on one site and hide it on another.

3.2  What are the profile and photo posting guidelines?

Any responsible company will have guidelines for quality assurance, which their customers are required to follow, and we are no different! Please ensure that your profile and photo comply with the following requirements:

Profile guidelines:

  • - Must be authentic
  • - No obscene, vulgar, or explicit content
  • - Be honest
  • - No sensitive information in the self-description box
  • - No contact information
  • - No illegal content
  • - No duplicate accounts
  • - Only English is allowed

Photo-posting guidelines:

  • - Images should be in JPG format, with a size between 20KB and 600KB.
  • - Your photo should contain YOURSELF inside.
  • - It is better to wear a shirt for a good first impression.
  • - A recent photo is most appreciated.
  • - Keep the photo clean.
  • - Do not upload images containing any of the following:
  • a. Overtly sexual content
    b. Obscene, offensive, or illegal content
    c. Details of your sex life
    d. Illegal activities (illegal drugs, prostitution, etc)
    e. Copyrighted material or celebrities
    f. Images altered by Photoshop (or other software)
    g. Yourself as a child or children
    h. Contact information, such as email addresses, instant messenger nicknames, telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs etc.

Qpid Network reserves the right to remove any images it deems offensive and/or inappropriate.

Premium Membership, Qpid Credits & Payment

4.1  What is Premium Membership and how can I upgrade?

Premium Membership contains a range of privileges (subject to adjustments from time to time), such as access to unlock all member profile photos and priority response from Customer Care, etc.

Premium Membership can be obtained from direct purchase, or through the site's promotional activities. Members will need to pay to use services not included in the membership.

4.2  What are Qpid Credits?

Qpid credits, or “credits”, are Qpid Network tokens, which enable you to enjoy the convenience of paid services Qpid Network member sites (AsiaMe, CharmDate, LatamDate) provide, including EMF mail, Live Chat, Call Service, Video Show, CamShare etc. Credits can be used interchangeably between all member sites.

4.3  How can I buy credits?

Go to the Buy Credits page via the Qpid Member Center for a list on credit prices and to purchase credits. The more you purchase at once, the more you save on each credit!

You can use your credit or debit card to purchase credits. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Click here to buy credits now!

Normally credits will be added to your account on a real-time basis. When your order has gone through, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which you should keep safely.

4.4  Will my credits expire? How do I get a refund?

Payment for credits is non-refundable. Credits can be used for 180 days from the date of purchase. Every time a new purchase is made, the expiry date for all credits is reset to 180 days.

Premium Membership fees are charged on a monthly basis each month on the day of original purchase. After receiving Cancel or Change Membership requests, we require a reasonable period of time to process the request (no less than 7 working days). For any part of the current Premium Membership period already paid, members will not be entitled to any pro-rated refund.

Bonus Points

5.1  What are Bonus Points and how do I get them?

Bonus Points, or "points," are our special rewards to members. Points can be collected when you use the services of Qpid Network sites. Here are some ways you can collect Bonus Points:
a) Complete your profile - 15 points
b) Upload an approved profile photo - 5 points
c) Verify your email address - 5 points
d) Verify your mobile number - 5 points
e) Obtain Qpid SEAL - 10 points
f ) Install Qpid Network Android Mobile App - 20 points
g) Use credits to make call - 1 point per minute
h) Use credits to view Private Videos - 2 points per video viewed

We will roll out other qualifying activities for members to obtain Bonus Points in the future.

5.2  How can I use Bonus Points?

During the period of validity, you can use 10 Bonus Points to send introduction mail to members you have never corresponded with. Points are valid for 30 days so make full use of them within this time! More services will be redeemable by points in the future.


6.1  What is the Qpid SEAL and how does it work?

The Qpid SEAL is a FREE profile verification service available to all Qpid Network members. If your profile has the Qpid SEAL, it means that we have screened your profile and obtained documentary proof for the following key information: name, date of birth, photo identity, telephone number, and residential address. The Qpid SEAL increases the credibility of your profile significantly so you get more attention from others.

To get the Qpid SEAL, you need to verify your phone number and upload documents authenticating your identity and residential address. Once key information about your profile is checked and approved, a Qpid SEAL image will be displayed on your public profile. Clicking on the Qpid SEAL image will show which pieces of information have been verified but your personal details will not be shown. Get the Qpid SEAL now!

6.2  How can I verify my contact details?

Verifying your contact details (telephone number) is the first step to getting the Qpid SEAL. You can verify a mobile or landline number by clicking on the "Verify Now" button next to your telephone number. You will receive an SMS message (for mobile) or a call (for landline) with your verification code. Enter the code in the pop-up window to verify your number. Click here to verify now!

6.3  How long does it take to get the Qpid SEAL?

You will get the Qpid SEAL if the application documents comply with our requirements. Normally it takes at least 3 working days to process from the date of receipt. However, processing may take a little longer (up to a week) depending on specific circumstances, during holidays, or when there are high volumes of applications or incomplete application details.

We strive to minimize the processing time. However, depending on the circumstances, the entire process can take up to a week or more.

Get More Help

7.1  I can't find my answer here. What should I do?

If you can't find the information you are looking for here, visit the FAQ section of the relevant Qpid Network site. You are also welcome to contact us and send us your queries, concerns or comments. Our customer care team will assist you at the soonest.