Membership Termination

If you want to change or terminate your Membership with us, please contact our customer service team at or submit a ticket.

For Unused Credits

You may refund any unused Credits at any time up to 180 days from the date of purchase. All unused Credits expire 180 days after their purchase dates. To refund any unused Credits, please contact our Customer Service Team click here.

Premium Services

You may use it until the end of your then-current Premium Services term and it will not be renewed thereafter. However, you will not be eligible for any pro-rata refund for any part of the current Premium Services already purchased or rewarded.

Fraud-reporting Procedure

We take fraud very seriously. If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, click here to report your case. Once your case has been verified, you may receive a refund of Credits that you have spent communicating with that specific member.

Refund Policy

We have summarised our Refund Policy in the below table. The tabled scenarios are not exhaustive, we handle each refund request on a case by case basis. All refund requests must be supported by evidence so that we can process your refund most expediently. Please send us your refund request together with supporting evidence to our Customer Service Team at .


Refund qualified* Refund non-applicable
(1).EMF not forwarded
(2).EMF forwarding too slow
(3).EMF translation is of poor quality
(4).Error in contact information provided by address request service
(5).Gifts or flowers not delivered
(6).Gifts or flowers not delivered according to member’s requirements
(7).Chat of poor voice quality
(8).Chat failed to be connected
(9).Unauthorized Credit deduction
(10).Credits not added after Credit purchase
(11).Credit deducted for sending EMF with bonus points
(12).Member is certain that the other member to be non-existent
(13).Member is certain that the other member’s information – such as marital status, age, children, address, etc. is false
(14).Member is certain that he/she is not communicating with the actual person
(15).Duplicate Credit deduction for sending/reading the same EMF
(16).Member is certain that the other member is engaging in conduct that violates our Terms and Conditions.
(1).Some minor mistakes were found in the translation of EMF
(2).If a member fails to answer all questions mentioned in your EMF
(3).If a member decides not to respond to your EMF, Chat or CamShare requests
(4).If a member has posted photos of oneself on other social platform/network (We cannot restrict our members from using other social platforms/networks)
(5).If a member decides to wear a ring on his/her finger does not mean he/she is married
(6).If a member speaks his/her mind in their communications about certain issues in which we have no control over (unless such conduct constitute a violation of our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy)
*Refund qualified – Need supporting evidence acceptable by us.